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  • Lee Jones (Saturday, June 30 12 06:26 pm BST)

    Paul's DJing
    I've attend a few events where Paul has made an appearence and was impressed with the extend of music he not only owns, but is willing to play. Many club Dj's won't play requests and run from a set
    list. Well worth catching a night when Paul's manning the decks.

  • Traci T (Sunday, July 01 12 11:00 pm BST)

    OnlyAfterDark DJ
    OnlyAfterDark is such a great dj, he really knows his stuff and he's always happy to play requests. I'd really recommend him!

  • Andrew James (Tuesday, July 03 12 09:57 pm BST)

    An excellent choice
    Having promoted, DJ'd and run indie club nights @ The Ritzy Tottenham, Woody's Ladroke Grove, Cellar Bar Heaven and private club nights in Notting hill between 1985-95 I know a good DJ when I come
    across one. I wouldn't hesitate in booking Paul for my party or any club night as he has a great intuition for what people want. I am a regular listener to his Only After Dark Radio Show which is a
    must for music lovers

  • John Coleman (Sunday, July 08 12 07:49 pm BST)

    Paul the DJ
    Paul's a genuinely nice guy with a passion for all music from punk to blues, rock to pop n back again n then some. Book him you'll be pleased you did!! Seen him DJ in various places and never been
    let down. Best of luck OADIO!!

  • Tony Martin (Wednesday, December 19 12 12:43 pm GMT)

    Always such a wonderful playlist!

  • Dominic Ryder (Wednesday, December 19 12 01:42 pm GMT)

    Night Ryder
    Time with Paul is a musical education. As his brother I should know. His broad eclectic taste is reflected in his substantial playlist, mixed to effect like an audio kaleidoscope, delivering a
    quality sound that can get get people up dancing and stay dancing. After all, no one wants a night standing in the shaddows when the joint is jumpin'.

  • Esther Zanoli (Wednesday, December 19 12 07:28 pm GMT)

    Mr OADR
    Since I'm a regular listener of OADR it's my fav Sunday evening ever.
    thank you for the great choices every week

  • anne cryer-whitehead (Saturday, December 22 12 08:26 am GMT)

    Love this fab community of people. Who come far and wide. Thank you Paul its a great place to be xx

  • Ken (Saturday, December 22 12 08:32 am GMT)

    Only After Dark Radio
    Paul's Only After Dark Radio shows are a great mix of classic tracks and rarities. Paul's knowledge is excellent, and has opened my eyes and ears to some great music of the period, I would never have
    been aware of. Cheers Paul:))

  • Moon (Saturday, December 22 12 07:44 pm GMT)

    Paul is passionate about music in almost every genre. He lives and breathes music as do I.

    I've been fortunate to attend most of his club nights as well as being a regular contributor to Only After Dark Radio since the start.

    Paul is exceptionally professional and puts many hours work into creating his playlists as well as having an "ear" for what follows naturally. He is a natural.

  • Don (Sunday, December 23 12 10:13 pm GMT)

    Only After Dark Radio
    Paul's hard work developing this music loving community is pretty remarkable.
    using this medium and his vast music knowledge he has provided fantastic entertainment for me and thousands across the globe - quite an achievement in such a short space of time.
    long may he and OADR continue....

  • Dawn Domingues (Monday, December 24 12 02:03 pm GMT)

    Love it!
    Thanks for all the blasts from the past - especially the really rare tracks. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more brilliant postings in the New Year. Cheers! x

  • Michael Haider (Wednesday, December 26 12 07:09 pm GMT)

    Paul "The Professor" Ryder has made a big impact on my music knowledge. More importantly he has made my feel very welcome in his group. He puts up with my love of Spandau Ballet and my American view
    of New Wave music. I have had a blast and have made some great friends from across the pond. I will make it over there and meet everyone someday. It is near the top of my bucket list. Thanks Paul!!!

  • SHIRL (Wednesday, December 26 12 09:03 pm GMT)

    Hi I have known Paul for about two years now and like me he loves his music.You cant go wrong by booking him for your venue he is a great guy

  • Jim (Thursday, December 27 12 09:48 am GMT)

    Only after dark
    Paul is a hugely knowledgeable guy with a very varied appreciation of music able to cater for absolutely all tastes. I am sure you will have a great night in Paul's company DJ'ing for your party.

  • Richie Evans (Saturday, December 29 12 09:48 am GMT)

    Mr. DJ.......
    In my line of work, as a musician, promoter and agent of many high quality acts and events, it pays to be aware of others within the industry who have extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and very, very
    importantly, awareness of the needs of the client. Paul has all of these skills in spades and I take him very seriously.

    He is also, and I mean this as an absolute compliment, a complete multi-genre musical anorak, which for fellow obsessives like me, is wonderful to know, as it makes us realise even more than we
    already knew that this most wonderful of art forms is always exciting, always evolving, and will always exist as long as people like Paul Ryder do.......

    Richie Evans


  • Sylvia Brownlee (Thursday, December 12 13 08:03 am GMT)

    Sidmouth Late Night Shopping (Chamber of Commerce)
    I was lucky to find Paul at late notice as we had been let down. He transformed the evening and several traders and voluntary organisations taking part have responded that 'it was the best ever' Late
    Night. He chose a refreshing Christmas playlist avoiding the multi-repeated songs which we usually hear instore when shopping. Paul also quickly filled the spot of Master of Ceremonies, announcing
    the next acts and being very accommodating when people presented a CD to play for their Act. His wonderful coloured lights played in circles and squares with some special cameo moments of children in
    wonderment trying to catch the colours! All in all, a very special evening thank you to Paul. I am about to rebook him for next year!!

  • Sylvia Brownlee (Monday, December 08 14 05:54 am GMT)

    Late Night Shopping Sidmouth
    We thought 2013 was the best night ever, but Paul surpassed himself and 5 Dec 2014 was fabulous. Do read my comments from last year - they were all surpassed this year! Paul, again, was helpful to
    everyone who needed music played for their dancing or carol singing. He created a fun atmosphere and as someone e-mailed me later, it was the best ever grand community party with neighbours and
    friends enjoying the whole experience. Thank you Paul X
    Secretary, Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce

  • Anthony Jarratt (Tuesday, June 23 15 06:51 am BST)

    Wedding Reception
    Paul was a superb choice to act as DJ for our wedding reception. We put together a list of music lasting over 9 hours and left in Paul's very capable hands to whittle it down to 4.5 hours. Paul has a
    wonderful, friendly personality and both me and my wife Debbie, ended the night knowing that along with us, all of our guests had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, helped along by Paul.
    Thank you Paul from both of us xx

  • Debbie %26 Anthony Jarratt (Tuesday, June 23 15 07:34 am BST)

    Our Wedding
    We would just like to thank Paul massively
    for making our wedding day/night an amazing day.
    The music was fantastic to dance to and you made sure
    everyone enjoyed themselves, we choose the best DJ ever
    and would highly recommend Paul to anyone.
    Thanks again Paul for all what you did for us on our
    special magical day. Xx

  • Dermot Christopher O'Connor (Tuesday, June 23 15 12:04 pm BST)

    Wedding day success
    I would just like to say, what a fantastic night we all had last weekend at Anthony and Debbie's wedding. It truly was enjoyable and a big part of that was the DJ extraordinaire, Mr Paul Ryder, who
    did an amazing job in entertaining everyone throughout the day and on through the night, ensuring we all had a great time on the dance floor with terrific tunes! Thank you Paul for a wonderful time.
    I would recommend your services without hesitation to anyone.

  • Tracey %26 Jeff Millar (Tuesday, July 28 15 11:22 am BST)

    Paul our evening reception was brilliant, everyone was so impressed with the music which led to plenty of dancing. Thank you for the time and care you took planning this with us. A professional
    service with excellent results!

  • Phil borrett (Tuesday, July 28 15 12:02 pm BST)

    House DJ
    Paul is the house DJ at The Marine playing monthly with different themes. They have been very successful with great variety depending on the audience. The nights we have Paul have helped create an
    identity with the pub and the style of music and atmosphere we are trying to promote. Paul also has a great visual backdrop with excellent lights and laser which help create a fun night.

  • Dominic (Sunday, June 05 16 06:38 pm BST)

    Wedding at Double Locks
    A big thank you Paul, for being the best wedding DJ we could possibly have had! We wanted a night of "real" music, from the Stones to the Cramps, minus the crap that usually gets played at these
    events. The guests loved it and you still managed to get folks dancing with proper soul and ska sounds, rather than cringe-worthy stuff. Testament to your ability as a DJ and it just shows that you
    don't have to totally compromise your taste to have a great wedding reception. Would recommend to anyone looking for a wedding DJ with knowledge and a sympathetic ear from the first discussions to
    the last track of the night!

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